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The Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP) is an international, professional network of people who run their own information-centered businesses. Members are consultants with expertise across diverse industries, services, and geographies.

As the leading voice of the independent information industry, AIIP equips information entrepreneurs for ongoing business success in more than 20 countries around the world.

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AIIP members network, share business development know-how, and confer on research tools and techniques.

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Our Communities of Practice

AIIP members make up five communities of practice:  Information Management and Technology, Marketing and Communications, Research, Training and Consulting, and Writing and Editing.

Whatever our service niche or subject specialty, AIIP members share the ability to provide our clients timely, accurate, and actionable information analysis, design, review, and strategy.

 Explore the five practice areas that make up the AIIP member community. 

Information Management and Technology

 Information Management and Technology 

We help our clients make sense of the information and technology they have—or need. It can be overwhelming to keep pace with the onslaught of available information and the rapid pace of technology changes.

  • We manage information for clients so that they know what they have and where to find it.
  • We guide clients who are navigating technology choices and changes.
  • We are information managers, knowledge management consultants, information architects, taxonomy specialists, project managers, library consultants, and more.
What we have in common is the ability to craft information solutions that fit our clients' needs for today and tomorrow.


Marketing and Communications

 Marketing and Communications 

We are experts at honing in on clients' needs to produce original content and programs for marketing and communication.

  • We help clients with social media, marketing campaign planning, and collateral development.
  • We are experts in visual communication, web design, survey development, and more.  
What we have in common is the ability to personalize clients' messages and market their products to a diverse set of customers.




We are primary and secondary researchers.

  • As primary researchers, we conduct interviews, surveys, and focus groups to get at the heart of clients' needs.
  • Our experts in secondary research scour the internet, high-value databases, and professional and grey literature to find the previously un-findable.

What do we research? Anything and everything, including companies and their competitors, markets, people, products, chemicals, patents, and more. We are experts at gathering, synthesizing, analyzing, and sharing research.

What we have in common is the ability to find, analyze, and share information in whatever breadth and depth is needed for clients to make decisions.


Training and Consulting

 Training and Consulting 

We work alongside our clients to provide top-notch training and consultative services.

  • We help clients better understand and implement information strategies to competitively grow their businesses and be more effective.
  • We offer custom training and coaching to help clients change and grow for tomorrow's challenges.
  • Whether focusing on how to implement an information governance program, assess the competitive market, or learn to avoid internet fraud, our members help clients better navigate the complexities of business. 
What we have in common is the ability to provide clients with skills and knowledge to better manage their operations.


Writing and Editing

 Writing and Editing 

We tell our clients' stories and support them in meeting their mission.

  • From ideation to composition, editing, and publishing, we create engaging content for our clients.
  • We articulate the vision by developing white papers, blog posts, articles, research papers, web content, and more.
  • Our members use their technical communication skills, creativity, and publishing knowledge to make clients shine.  
What we have in common is the ability to provide our clients a powerful voice to promote their products, services, and ideas for greater impact.


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