Business Jumpstart Bootcamp at AIIP24

Business jumpstart Bootcamp

Magnolia Hotel St. Louis
421 North 8th Street
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

AIIP is excited to host a half-day Business Jumpstart Bootcamp on
Thursday, April 18, 2024, preceding our 2024 Symposium

The Business Jumpstart Bootcamp includes sessions led by AIIP members and local St. Louis entrepreneurs.

If you are starting or restarting a business,
get a jump start on the tasks needed for success.

AIIP bootcamp24

Bootcamp topics:

  • Why businesses succeed and fail
  • How to position and market your business
  • What pricing structures you should consider
  • A showcase of technology tools that every business owner needs
  • Details on AIIP's Guide to Starting Your Own Information Business
  • How an AIIP Membership can support your business

Bootcamp Speakers

Marge King, Info Rich Group, Inc.
Photo, Marge King

Marge King has been a small business owner for more than 20 years. As a professor at two Philadelphia-area colleges, she has taught hundreds of students entrepreneurial and marketing courses throughout her career. Her business serves the nonprofit sector, where she uses research, information, and fundraising strategies to help her clients obtain large gifts and grants, including grants that have been in excess of $7.5 million. Learn more about Marge's work at

Mary Ellen Bates, Bates Information Services, Inc.
Photo, Mary Ellen Bates

Prolific author and speaker, Mary Ellen Bates is the principal of Bates Information Services Inc., providing business research and analysis to strategic decision-makers and consulting services to the information industry since 1991. Author of The Reluctant Entrepreneur:  Making a Living Doing What You Love, Mary Ellen also offers free consulting services to new and long-time solopreneurs. She, her dogs, and her bees live near Boulder, Colorado. More information on Mary Ellen is at

Heather Carine, Carine Research Photo, Heather Carine

Heather Carine is the founder of Carine Research, Australia’s only independent investigative research firm specialising in market, competitive, and corporate intelligence. Start-ups, big name brands, corporate advisors, lawyers and forensic investigators turn to Carine Research for clear, thorough, and reliable research insights. A consummate volunteer, Heather has been helping women to develop their public speaking skills through Speaking Made Easy and as the Editor for the AIIP Connections blog and print publication.

Jennifer Burke, Mighty Marketing Mojo Photo, Jennifer Burke

Jennifer Burke is the founder of Mighty Marketing Mojo and works alongside of fellow solopreneurs to help them turn their expertise and experiences into services and products online to help others. Jennifer loves to help solopreneurs in getting past the tech hurdles that are keeping them from running their online business, attracting right-for-them clients, and making an impact in the world.

Photo, Sarah Shelton
Sarah Shelton, Girl louie

Sarah Shelton is a visionary leader and the driving force behind Girl Louie, a trailblazing creative agency. As the founder and lead creative, she brings a dynamic blend of artistic flair and strategic acumen to every project. With a passion for innovative storytelling, Sarah has established Girl Louie as a hub for crafting narratives that resonate. Her journey began with a background in marketing and design, which she fused with her innate ability to unearth the extraordinary in the ordinary. Under Sarah's guidance, Girl Louie has flourished into a haven for diverse talents, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas flourish and creativity knows no bounds. With a knack for understanding human emotions and cultural nuances, she spearheads campaigns that not only captivate but also incite meaningful action. Sarah's dedication to authenticity and her commitment to amplifying marginalized voices through her work has solidified her reputation as a thought leader in the creative industry. Her boundless energy, coupled with an unwavering belief in the power of storytelling, continues to push boundaries and inspire both her team and clients.

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