What should I consider before starting my business?

In addition to many other resources dedicated to small business start-up, AIIP has created a special guide for prospective IIPs. Download it on the Getting Started Guide page, which discusses what it means to be an IIP, how to decide whether being IIP is a good fit for you, how to set up your business, and how to develop effective sales and marketing strategies for IIPs.

What do new IIPs need to know?

One of the benefits of AIIP membership is the First-Year Questions webinars, held quarterly for AIIP members and available for sale to the public. Hear seasoned info-entrepreneurs answer questions from new business owners on topics ranging from getting clients to finding a niche and setting prices.

Who can advise me during the early stages of my business?

Volunteers in the AIIP Peer to Peer Support Program offer support and guidance for members in the process of starting and building their IIP businesses. Mentors can help new members assess their strengths and weaknesses as IIPs, and provide input on initial networking and marketing strategies.

Can I join AIIP even if I haven’t launched my business?

Yes! A Student or an Associate membership will let you get a close-up view of what it takes to start and succeed as an IIP. Learn more about what you can gain from an AIIP membership—and how AIIP can help you reach your professional goals.

Should I attend the AIIP annual conference?

Yes! The conference is designed for all of the association’s members, with special programming for first-year members and for individuals still considering whether to go the IIP route. Our established members have an excellent reputation for welcoming new and prospective members to the conference.

In this video, hear how first-time attendee Eddie Ajaeb made a successful foray into content marketing, inspired by the 2017 AIIP Annual Conference and his first year of membership in AIIP.


"I joined AIIP before I had even started my business...one of the best investments I have made. The lively discussion list, the collegial tone of AIIP members, great discounts from our industry partners and affiliates, lots of professional development through webinars and our annual conference. I can't imagine being an info-entrepreneur without belonging to AIIP."

Mary Ellen Bates, Bates Information Services
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