Diverity, equity, and inclusion

AIIP Statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


The Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP) prides itself on being a community of collegial, non-competitive colleagues who support each other through formal and informal activities including sharing expertise, offering support, and building networks.

AIIP’s mission, vision, and values illustrate our commitment to cultivating a supportive and welcoming community. We value the diversity of our members and their respective businesses. This combination strengthens us individually and collectively as we embrace the varied backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences we bring to AIIP.

We value our legacy of collegiality and inclusivity and want to affirm these attributes through tangible and meaningful actions that will enrich our current members’ experience, attract potential members, and strengthen AIIP as an organization.

Our work on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is not a once-and-done endeavor nor a siloed activity. Rather it is incorporating a set of principles into all our activities including our governing documents, annual conference, programming, and individual contributions.

AIIP Statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

AIIP commits to fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment for members, potential members, and their businesses.

We define diversity, equity and inclusivity as follows.
  • Diversity – AIIP cultivates membership diversity in business and sociocultural characteristics.
  • Equity – All members have the same opportunity for committee and leadership roles. Board members and committee chairs will actively seek the involvement of anyone who might have interest.
  • Inclusivity – All are welcome. AIIP works as a community and promotes a collegial and supportive environment.


  • AIIP welcomes individuals with diverse sociocultural characteristics relating to individual and community identity including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, size, income, marital status, geographic location, philosophy, veteran status, and years as an AIIP member, and recognizes that all members are equal.
  • AIIP encourages membership by individuals with varied professional backgrounds and businesses relating to the information industry.
  • AIIP asks members to connect with each other sincerely, openly, and inclusively.
  • AIIP commits to exploring potential underlying, unquestioned assumptions that interfere with inclusiveness.
  • AIIP acknowledges that advocating for equity is an active process that requires a continuous commitment to fostering and promoting a diverse and inclusive environment, continuous listening, hearing, learning and growing.

Approved by the AIIP Board of Directors, December 2021.

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