Hiring a member of the Association of Independent information Professionals (AIIP) saves you time and money by letting you focus on making decisions, products, and sales.

Spend your time using information, not looking for it.

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Knowledge and Access

AIIP members offer top-quality assistance in locating, analyzing, and applying information.

  • Members use premium, subscription-based online research tools.
  • Members are expert consultants with professional degrees in information science and other specialty fields.
  • Members provide value-added brainpower for short- and long-term projects.


AIIP members provide an array of information-focused services.

  • Business Research and Analysis - Business reports; competitor/company profiles and financials; scenario planning; financial, demographic and other projections; strategic and business analysis and planning.
  • Market and Industry Research and Analysis - Industry profiles; media scans; clipping services or RSS feeds on industries or competitors; collection, organization and filtering of data; environmental scans; patent literature analysis; policy tracking and analysis; technology scouting; economic development support.
  • Online Information Searching - News searches; commercial database literature searches.
  • Information/Knowledge Management - Information and knowledge management analysis and planning; document management systems; archive organization; wiki development; oral histories; information audits.
  • Writing, Editing and Document Creation - Reports, white papers, and proposals; editing; fact checking; publishing.
  • Training and Consulting - Presentations or workshops on research techniques; consulting on information sources.
  • Library Setup and Maintenance - Needs assessment; space planning; collection development; cataloging; maintenance of the library's in-house collection.

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